About Us 

The Doctors at Dabbs Chiropractic specialize in hands on adjusting and muscle stretching techniques to achieve postural and muscle balance.    We believe every person has their own level of health and will therefore respond to treatment at different rates of healing.  You will get a personalized treatment protocol depending on your personal goals.  

Our goal is to get you functioning at your optimal level as quickly as possible.  We pride ourselves in providing personal, effective, affordable Chiropractic Healthcare for all of our patients.  

Dr. Lori Dabbs and Dr. Stephen Dabbs are both graduates of Cleveland Chiropractic College of Kansas City, Missouri.  Prior to completing her undergraduate work and earning her Doctorate, Dr. Lori worked for 10 years as a chiropractic assistant.   The Doctors have been in private practice together since 2002 in the Hot Springs area and have two wonderful, energetic children.